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From The Eyes Of A Prophet

Scribing Your Way Into Destiny! -Crystal N. Tolbert 
  Write The Vision & Make It Plain! Hab 2:2-3     
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Do you ever visualize the life you want, but struggle with making your dream life become your reality?

Maybe you've created a vision board or two (or three), but you haven't seen those visions come to pass because (let's be honest) that vision board is somewhere under a basket of clothes in your closet!

Trust me! I know about wanting to live my DREAM life but struggle with learning how to create a real plan of action that would take me closer to my dreams.

That is...​ Until I learned how to Scribe My Way to My Destiny!

In December 2015, God urged me to pull out my journal, a pen and write down the exact life I wanted for myself and my family. Fast forward to today, I'm living the EXACT life I wrote down all of those years ago.


I learned that Scribing is the key to making your vision become your reality. And in my new book, From the Eyes Of A Prophet, I'm sharing my signature method SEEK, WRITE, BELIEVE to help women just like you scribe your way to YOUR destiny. After reading this book, you will have the opportunity of seeing firsthand, how the true Prophetic Power manifests through writing. The SEEK, WRITE, BELIEVE method is one of the mysteries behind why Scribing is so important for the oil of writing to become your actuality.


This transformational book will give you strategic ways on how to have the life you were destined for. I truly have scribed my way into seeing REAL manifestation of my destiny, by being obedient to the Voice of God and writing what He has spoken!


And Now It's time for you to do the same!

Order your copy of From the Eyes of a Prophet below. 

And if you're an action-taker and want to see results FAST, I encourage you to grab the matching journal that includes Scribing exercises

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"It doesn’t matter how others celebrate you, it’s how you celebrate yourself that matters! Learn to love you and see the value in you without the opinions of others."

- Crystal N. Tolbert



When people come to my sessions, I want them to be able to be so inspired by the knowledge that I share, that they go back to their own various places and put forth the action to make it their very own reality…..

Who am I … “I am a woman who is relevant to the call and needs of those that I was created to impact”. 

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.-Psalm 139:14 


Hello Jewels, God has expanded my knowledge over the last few years and I am so full as well as grateful to know that I am learning directly from the Holy Spirit. I am so humbled by the hand of God in my life. I wanted to go to seminary for years but what God has shown me, through teaching, mentoring, real-life examples, etc., is so much greater than what I could have learned in the class. Nothing against going to seminary but what our Father has shown me is what he desired for me to have in my life. My Goals, dreams, purpose, and the way I see life is so different. I have been in Church all of my life but what God has given me now, will allow me to pass it to you as you pass it to others.

I am not trying to build an audience, I am trying to build the Kingdom!

~Crystal Tolbert 

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Thank you Crystal for sharing your gift - you truly have been instrumental in my healing process. Your mentoring program is phenomenal!!! In the short time we’ve worked together I’ve seen a change in me. You are a blessing to so many and I’m grateful for your time and love.

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