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Conquering Your Purpose

Personal Development for Christian Women

To Conquer means to take control. 


And in this New season, God is calling Women just like You, to take control of their Destiny. 


Are you ready to take control of your life and Walk in your Purpose


If you said yes, but feel hesitant you’re probably asking yourself, “But how do I do that?” You do that by Conquering Your Purpose.


Hi, Jewels! My name is Crystal Tolbert and I’m passionate about helping Purpose-Driven Women create a realistic plan of action, that will push them into their Divine Assignment. I believe that to be successful in ALL areas of your life, you need to be Intentional & Strategic. Because, I know exactly how it feels to want more out of life and not have the support or guidance to get started...


I became a Certified Transformational Coach, so I can offer the tools and strategies to help Women boldly Pursue their Goals and Dreams.


As a Christian woman, I know that it’s important to be spiritually grounded. However, I also know that having spiritual wholeness isn’t enough to have success on Your Path To Purpose. It’s so important for Christian women, to get access to personal development before attempting to Walk in their Purpose and it’s not easy to do it alone. It can be a struggle but when you find the right Coach to partner with, it’s possible. I am SO grateful that God assigned me to do something, so powerful such as, working with Women who Desire to Live the life God has Designed for them. I truly have a heart for women and I do not take my assignment lightly. You WILL see a Transformation after working with me.


In my signature 1:1 Coaching Program, "Conquering Your Purpose", I partner with Christian women, who need help learning how to embrace their Purpose and Walking in Greatness. For 90 days, we’ll create goals that are in alignment, with your Purpose and Together We Will Walk In Greatness.






  • Create your Personal Development Plan

  • Activate your Dormant Dreams
  • Breakthrough your Limiting Beliefs

  • Increase your Confidence

  • Activating your Power for Success

  • Develop a Kingdom Mindset from religious to Kingdom







  • Women who are called to make an impact and don’t have the Confidence to Start

  • Women that are ready to drop the excuses and do what God has called them to do

  • Women who are Purpose-driven and need Support & Accountability to take Action


I know how it feels, to be stuck and unsure of  your Purpose. But Now that I’ve Conquered My Own Purpose, I want to show you how to do the same. 


Book a free consultation with me, to learn more about Conquering Your Purpose and to see if I’m the right fit for you. 

What can you expect when you enroll in Conquering Your Purpose?

So, who is Conquering Your Purpose for?

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