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Weekly Planner for Women in Ministries

Do you struggle with managing your duties as a wife, mom, entrepreneur, and ministry leader?

There is nothing more than I love than serving in the Kingdom. But can I be honest for two seconds? It's HARD!

I love ministering to women. I also love being a wife, a mom, and an entrepreneur. I don't love that at times I feel stretched past my capacity.

After realizing that I needed to try something different, God put it on my heart to create some type of balance. So I decided to use a weekly planner to help me sort out my thoughts, keep track of my tasks, and even carve out some time to journal. I LOVE to journal so I HAVE to include THAT in my daily agenda.

Can you relate to any of the things I mentioned above?

If so, you would really love my new weekly plan, Succeed On Purpose. This planner was designed to help women create a daily agenda to help them accomplish all of their goals as a wife, mom, professional, and ministry leader. You'll sure to be WAY more organized after using this planner.

Are you ready to Succeed On Purpose? Grab your free planner below.

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Yes! I'm Ready to Succeed on Purpose

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