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Author | Transformation Coach | Speaker

MEET Crystal

Crystal N. Tolbert is a Speaker, Transformation Coach, and Accomplished Author.  Her latest book, From The Eyes of A Prophet, is groundbreaking, transformational and empowering.

Although Crystal is a Kingdom Leader, she understands that she's first a woman, Daughter of the Most High God. And she has a big heart that loves to serve women. Her mission and responsibility is to create a platform to help change the mindset, impact, lead, & prepare women, whom she affectionately refers to as Jewels, for their own Legacy/Platform. Her desire is that all women can walk in complete Greatness in the Kingdom. In her own words, "I really want to be able to impact and bring forth what God has placed in them." It is so important to me, that women are left with something of real value. I was called to be a Change Agent because I have the gift to make “Dreams reality” for the Kingdom. I just want to be able to touch someone's life, in a positive way." 

In her spare time she enjoys traveling, shopping, helping/inspiring others, & spending time with her family & friends. 

Crystal Tolbert resides in Dallas TX.

Have you ever felt like this… 

I am so committed and I have tried to be normal and shake it off… Shake off my purpose but it won’t let me. It’s haunts me at times because I know someone is waiting to hear my voice. I am not saying that I am someone that is so great or anything like that but I know my purpose and once you know, you can’t go back to being in a common place. 

~Crystal Tolbert

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