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With Crystal Tolbert

Prophetic Vision Scribe Party

This interactive workshop teaches attendees how to effectively set Kingdom goals. 

You'll learn how to scribe your way into your destiny with Crytal's signature proven method: SEEK, WRITE, BELIEVE.


Every quarter Crystal hosts this intimate, yet interactive live workshop in Dallas, TX. 

Glam IV Purpose

Glam IV Purpose is a sisterhood that welcomes women from all walks of life.


This empowerment conference teaches women how to love and celebrate themselves, as well as love and celebrate other women.

"We Glam & Sparkle together and God gets the glory!"

Crystal Tolbert

Are you a Prophet or carrying a Prophetic gift as a Scribe? 


Scribe Your Way Into Destiny is a prophetic group coaching program designed to teach those who carry prophetic gifts how to activate and utilize their gift to advance the Kingdom of God.


During this 4-week interactive program, Crystal will partner with a group of 10 women to help you get a deeper understanding of the prophetic, and how to use your gift of writing to help the body of Christ heal, grow, and evolve. 

Modules include:

+ Prophetic Prayer

+ Prophecy 101

+ Embracing Your Gift

Sharing Your Gift

If you want to learn more about this program, connect with Crystal.

Kingdom Tools

Every Jewel Needs

SEEK, Write & Believe  

  1. You must Seek the Lord First! (Matthew 6:33)

  2. Write the Vision (Habakkuk 2:2-3)

  3. Believe the Vision!!! (Mark 11:24)

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