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To Heal means to conquer your brokenness. 


And in this New season, God is calling Women just like You, to take control of their Lives & Destiny. 


Are you ready to take control of your life and Heal Authentically


If you said yes, but feel hesitant you’re probably asking yourself, “But how do I do that?” You start that by taking ownership of your Healing.


Hi, Jewels! My name is Crystal Tolbert and I’m passionate about helping Purpose-Driven Women create a realistic plan of action, that will push them into their Divine Assignment. I believe that to be successful in ALL areas of your life, you need to be Intentional & Strategic. Because, I know exactly how it feels to want more out of life and not have the support or guidance to get started...


I became a Certified Transformational Coach, so I can offer the tools and strategies to help Women Heal Boldly, Pursue their Dreams and Walk divinely in Purpose.


As a Christian woman, I know that it’s important to be spiritually grounded. However, I also know that having spiritual wholeness isn’t enough to have success on Your Path To Purpose. It’s so important for Christian women, to get healed, have access to personal development before attempting to Walk in their Purpose and it’s not easy to do it alone. It can be a struggle but when you find the right Coach to partner with, it’s possible. I am SO grateful that God assigned me to do something, so powerful such as, working with Women who Desire to Live the life God has Designed for them. I truly have a heart for women, and I do not take my assignment lightly. You WILL see a Transformation after working with me.


In my signature Master Class,"27 Days OF Healing", I partner with Christian women, who need help learning how to Heal Unapologetically. We’ll take a Healing journey that is divinely in alignment, with you being Healed Authentically from the inside for your Purpose and Together We Will Walk In Greatness.

  • How to address Places of Trauma

  • Strategies to Heal (Spiritually, Mentally, and Emotionally)

  • Techniques to Heal Mirror Mirror On The Wall

  • The formula for 27 Days Of Healing






  • Tired of  hurting in Silence

  • Tired of hiding behind their Careers, Servitude & Degrees

  • Ready to heal Authentically and willing to do the work

  • Ready to Live a Healed Life with Freedom & Purpose

  • In need of Breaking and conquering Limited Beliefs






God puts special people in your life for a reason and I am so eternally grateful that God put Pastor Crystal Tolbert in my life. Being a young woman trying to find myself and build a relationship with God, it is essential to have a role model to look up to and Pastor Tolbert is just that. She exemplifies elegance, poise, and confidence all while being a true example of the Glory of God. Since I’ve met her, I can truly say my life has changed for the better. I have grown closer to God, become more confident in praying, and learned what it means to have a relationship with God. Pastor Crystal is a warrior for Christ and it shows in her mentorship! Her genuine love and passion to help others is what I love most about her!  Pastor Crystal, thank you for all that you have done for me! I love you more than you know. 

Coach Crystal!!! You are phenomenal!!! I truly have enjoyed your mentoring and Coaching! You are in a lane all by yourself and you’re crushing it!!!! You’re amazing to watch and I’m so truly grateful God allowed our paths to cross! Your platform will continue to be great and you will be able to continue flow like only you do! Just watch!

Before working with Coach Crystal I felt like a bird dropped out of a nest with a wounded wing unable to fly. She took me in and nurtured me back to health spiritually. She was patient but pushed me. She worked with and poured in to me from purpose not my place of pain. Because of this divine connection I am not who I was or where I was; I'm greater, stronger, bolder and more clear on the anointing on my life and ready to not only fly, but equipped to soar.

Coach Crystal, I’m beyond overwhelmed today with the love I’m receiving!  I am seeing victory in those  broken areas, I was once defeated!! God is truly amazing!!! Thank you Crystal for sharing your gift - you truly have been instrumental in my healing process. Your mentoring program is phenomenal!!! In the short time we’ve worked together I’ve seen a change in me. You are a blessing to so many and I’m grateful for your time and dedication.


  • 27 Days Of Healing digital Workbook

  • Digital training resources

  • Create a strategic plan of action

  • Write out Healing Prayers & Affirmations


My goal as a Transformation Coach, is to provide you with the tools you need, to release your baggage and fully Embrace Your Authentic Healing. I know how it feels to be broken, and Unfulfilled in my Purpose. It wasn’t until I got healed authentically and discovered My Purpose, that I begin Living the Life that I dreamed about.


So, I have to ask: are you ready to Heal for Your Purpose? If so, I’d LOVE to be right by your side, as you Heal, Evolve, & Transform into the Amazing Woman that you were Birth to Be! All that I ask, is for you to show up each week and fully commit to the training.


When: Saturday,  December 10, 2022

Time: 11AM - 1PM CST

Where: In the comfort of your home via Zoom

Price: $100


The investment to participate in 27 Days Of Healing Virtual Master Class is $100.00


Be sure to click below to save your spot!

When you enroll in 27 Days Of  Healing, together, we will uncover topics such as: 

Who is this Master Class for? Anyone who wants Authentic Healing!

What are previous students saying about 27 Days Of Healing?

What’s included in the Master Class? You’ll get access to:


About Your Instructor 

Crystal Tolbert is an accomplished Author, Speaker, and Certified Transformation Coach. She is passionate about teaching women how to fall in love with themselves, embrace their inner beauty, and heal from the inside out.

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