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Capturing Your Purpose

4 Ways to Create A Life of Abundance

Are you A Christian Woman, who struggles with finding her identity in Christ?

Do you battle with, finding fulfillment because you know, that you've been Created to do so much more?

Have you been frustrated with the direction of your life and feel stuck or lost?

If you've answered Yes to any of the questions above, I want to invite you to join my signature Group Coaching Program, Capturing Your Purpose. 

Capturing Your Purpose is a Spiritual Enrichment program, designed to teach Women just like you, how to Heal, Grow, and Evolve, to be a better version of themselves. This interactive 4-week curriculum is designed to provide you with support, guidance, and realistic strategies, that you can easily and immediately implement into your Life to see results. I’ll be with you every step of the way, as we address your wounds so that you can Properly Prepare For Your Purpose.

I’ll be using Biblical Principles along with Personal development tactics, to ensure that you will experience Divine transformation and Spiritual elevation, that will Impact Your Mind, Spirit, & Soul


Interested yet?


Okay, keep reading!

  • How to address Areas of Brokenness

  • Strategies to fully heal (Spiritually and Emotionally)

  • Techniques to boost Your Confidence

  • The formula for Finding and Capturing Purpose







  • Tired of going in Circles and want to break out of their Stagnation

  • Tired of hiding behind their Relationship status, Careers, Degrees, and Positions

  • Ready to get healed FOR REAL and willing to do the work

  • Ready to discover and Live a Purposeful Life

  • Done with being insecure & ready to Embrace the Essence of True Purpose








"Being a part of Capturing Your Purpose has changed my life, When I say it changed my life, I am talking about giving me an entire new outlook on life and my purpose. Before this group mentoring, I held on to past hurt without allowing myself the opportunity to fully heal, I suffered from self doubt, I felt lost, I did not give myself grace, and I always put myself on the back burner. But throughout Coach Crystal's lessons, I became more and more vulnerable and more invested in the program which allowed me to take full advantage of all the amazing tools she gives you. I now know that I am a JEWEL!  I now feel worthy and that is such a powerful feeling! Coach Crystal is so full of wisdom and she pours into you everything she has learned and is an amazing role model. continued below!

Her passion for coaching and mentoring is so genuine and pure and she teaches from her heart. Every module, every live group session, and every weekly exercise is so intentional and it is very important that anyone who decides to be a part of this journey does their "homework". This means actively participating and digesting the material. Coach Crystal gives you the tools and wisdom, but it is up to you to put in  the work and apply the teachings. It is so worth it! A 4-week program that can catapult me into my lifelong purpose? Sign me up! Coach Crystal inspires me to be a better version of myself and I love her genuinely for being so selfless and helping so many beautiful women.  

Thank you, Coach Crystal!" ~Aajza Kordi


"At some point every woman questions her life purpose. No matter how big her circle of influence she may struggle with clarity and right choices. I recommend Capturing Your Purpose for women who need a gentle nudge in the right direction. She will meet herself face to face. Course material is straight forward, thought provoking, and tailored to meet the needs of women from all walks of life." 

~Andrelle R. Perry


"When I saw the flyer on social media for Capturing Your Purpose with Coach Crystal Tolbert, I immediately knew the Coaching Program was for me! The first week I realized, I was safe to feel, how I felt and express it accordingly without judgment or shame. I realized although we were a group of successful professional women, we could be vulnerable and help one another. Coach Crystal's transparency, allowed us to reflect internally and reignite the value that we have first to ourselves through self-care and then to others who are worthy to be connected to us. Her weekly homework/videos provided iron clad information that transformed you weekly. The Jewels are not just associates in a group but we became a sisterhood of support to one another. It was refreshing to see women building, supporting, and loving one another. We weren't saints, sinners, CEO's, founders, Supervisors, Advisor, but just a Group of Jewels trying to figure it out." ~Anita Dixon


"Coach Crystal, is by far one of the most authentic and transparent Life Coach's I have dealt with. Her heart is nowhere near 'the dollar' and is truly fixed on each Jewel's transformation. The seeming simplicity of being called a 'jewel' had the most significant impact on my transformation. One cannot think of themselves as a jewel and allow subpar treatment or toxicity in their lives. My mindset was grown and elevated. Before working with Crystal, I was stagnant in my spiritual life and knew there were areas I had room to grow but could not quite identify them. Because I believe life and business go hand in hand, I had to get my spiritual life in alignment with the calling of purpose in my life. Crystal's proven methodology and step-by-step actionable steps left me advancing and developing weekly. I was able to identify and pinpoint the areas needing development and implement weekly assigned work to achieve the desired goals. 


As a result of Coach Crystal's 4-week program, I have captured so much more than my purpose. I have a newfound confidence, an elevated level of boldness to ask for what I desire in life, and to set clear boundaries in the most difficult areas of boundary setting-FAMILY!

 hank you, Coach Crystal, for this program. I can say again, I captured so much more than just purpose and it exceeded my expectations. I caught a whole life and business transformation and elevation." ~ Rachel B-Foy


  • Recorded Coaching Modules 

  • Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions

  • Digital training resources

  • Private Facebook Group

  • From The Eyes Of A Prophet e-book

  • Speak Life digital Workbook


My goal as a Transformation Coach, is to provide you with the tools you need, to release your baggage and fully Embrace Your Purpose. I know how it feels to be lost, broken, and without Purpose. It wasn’t until I got healed and discovered My Purpose, that I begin Living the Life that I dreamed about.


So, I have to ask: are you ready to Capture Your Purpose? If so, I’d LOVE to be right by your side, as you Heal, Grow, & Evolve into the Amazing Woman that you are! All that I ask is for you to show up each week and fully commit to the training


We’ll start on 4/12/2021 and will remain together through 5/3/2021


The investment to participate in Capturing Your Purpose Coaching Program is $297.


I only have 14 spots for the program. Be sure to click below to save your spot!

When you enroll in Capturing Your Purpose, together, we will uncover topics such as: 

Who is this program for? Women who are:

What are previous students saying about Capturing Your Purpose?

What’s included in the program? You’ll get access to:


About Your Instructor 

Crystal Tolbert is an accomplished Author, Speaker, and Certified Transformation Coach. She is passionate about teaching women how to fall in love with themselves, embrace their inner beauty, and heal from the inside out.

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